GoJohnnyGo has been selling music stuff via mail since 1982. We carry Rock, R&B/Soul/Funk, Jazz, Blues, Dance, Country, Folk, International, Classical, Gospel, Spoken Word, and Choir records. GoJohnnyGospecializes in punk, new wave, alternative, and indie rock of the 1970s-1990s.

73,000 records are currently available to browse and buy here. Johnny spent 40 years gathering 600,000 records, and now Ayesha, Carter, Chad, Christine, Dan, Drew, Grace, Griffin, Jesse, Lindsay, Tom B., Steve, and Johnny (partnered with Chris, Colin, Don, Hannah, Ibrahim, Jonny, Kirk, Paul, Phil, Raoul, Simon, Tim, Tom N., & Walker) are going through about 1500 LPs, 45s, posters, music magazines, music books, & promotional items per week. We figure we will be done cleaning & sorting them all around the year 2032, so stay tuned — new arrivals are added every Tuesday and Friday morning.

We ship Tuesdays & Fridays after payment is received. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We proudly feature REASONABLY PRICED shipping rates with NO HANDLING CHARGES & well-packaged orders.

After thirty two years of shipping records, we’ve learned how to send records to you effectively. We ship all LP & 12″ records in professional-grade cardboard record mailers. Records are shipped out of their jackets to prevent seam splitting caused by jostling in the mail, and we pad all 12-inches/LPs & 78s with bubble wrap. 45s & 78s are packed in a cardboard “sandwich” to protect against damage during shipping.

International orders may take up to SIX WEEKS due to possible Customs delays.

We can also TRANSFER YOUR LP or cassette TO CD & mp3. HEY- we can even fix some skips on records and get most 8-track tapes & cassettes to work again. We’re even getting pretty good at fixing record players, stereos, speakers, cassette decks, and whatnot. SO- don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ultimately, GoJohnnyGo is not just about selling records, but it is a vision to combine local arts and music endeavors with local environmental causes. Chiefly an export business, we hire young Minnesota artists and musicians to take records and stereo gear out of the waste stream, fix, clean, and sell them (mostly) outside the state, bringing cash back to Minnesota.


COMING SOON: mediadump.org



  • 60% of all GoJohnnyGo’s sales are outside the state of Minnesota.
  • 20% of all GoJohnnyGo’s sales are outside the USA.





Online Music Sales 1999-today: GoJohnnyGo, Acoustic Sounds

Music Distribution 1996-2007: Alternative Distribution Alliance

Music Labels 1982-1996: Twin Tone, Susstones, Prospective 

Radio Programming 1986-1994: KFAI, WMMR, WMCN, KABL

Music Retail 1982-1990: Northern Lights Records, Roadrunner Records, Music 2, Groove Monster Records

Record Manufacturing 1986-1987: JFB Record Pressing

(John Kass is married, with one dog, two kids, and three cars, and lives blissfully in the suburbs)