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GoJohnnyGo got Minnesota METAL

State of Mind Mass Execution → CASSETTE $7.95 plus shipping 

The Coup de Grace The Coup de Grace → LP $5.49 plus shipping

Veteran Rockers with Great New Tunes

Grimm Fairys Sinistra (Kim Kane- Afrika Korps & Slickee Boys) → 13-song CD $10.91  (plus postage)

Made in the Shade …from the Land of Maroons (Wade & Jimmy-Willful Neglect) → 10-song LP $7.69 (plus postage)

Recorded 1989 at PAISLEY PARK

Mother Frank & Cherry→ 6-song CASSETTE $4.45 (plus postage)

GoJohnnyGo Got GOTH

Morticia Mortal Fear → SEALED LP $4.39 · ↠ SEALED CASSETTE $4.45

Crocodile Shop Lullaby → SEALED LP $4.39


Minn. Soul, R&B, and Funk EXCLUSIVELY at GoJohnnyGo

Mark Lickteig Workin → 2014 CD $7.91

Transcoastal Finally!  → 1988 LP $43.99

Haze MidWestEast  → 1970s/2013 CD $24.91

New VHS MOVIES on the GoJohnnyGo Label

Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake ‘Hey Hey What’ → full length film (GJG-049) $7.93

Erik Hammen ‘The Last City in The East’  → short film (GJG-053) $5.93

Chris Strouth ‘Unconvention’ → full-length film (GJG-052)$7.93

Dina Dainty ‘Mr. Thunderbird’ → short film (GJG-050) $5.93

New CASSETTES on the GoJohnnyGo Label

Smash Hammer  for → cassette (GJG-065) $4.45

Frances Gumm Cindy Sherman and the Years of Mayhem- The Singles Collection  → cassette (GJG-062) $4.45

Jesse MolenPsychedelic Mess→ cassette (GJG-058) $4.45

RubenPost Office / Thru the Line → cassette single (GJG-060) $4.45

Hall N AssHall N Ass  for → cassette (GJG-051) $4.45

Suburban Psych-Pop Masterpiece CHEAP

Mike Ciresi Waiting for Saturn → COMPACT DISC $1.91

Fabulous Flippers — Psychedelic POSTER repro

→ POSTER 12×18 inches $5.42

Twin Tone flexfit BASEBALL HATS

two sizes: → Small/Medium and Large/Xtra Large $19.92

Cool Minnesota Rock T-Shirts

T-shirts available now at GoJohnnyGo Records, HiFi Records, and at gojohnnygo.com   S, M, L , XL, XXL

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