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A Flock Of Seagulls / I Ran

rocko; UK; picture sleeve; no inner sleeve; few hairline scratches on side A; corner bend, moderate ring-wear; "MADE IN ENGLAND" stamp

ABBA / Greatest Hits

gatefold; in stock Atlantic label inner sleeve

ABBA / Greatest Hits Vol. 2

gatefold; custom printed inner sleeve; SP in matrix

ABBA / Lay All Your Love On Me

rocko; UK; picture sleeve; no inner sleeve; back ring-wear bend

ABC / The Look Of Love

rocko; plain white, heavy cardboard, die-cut sleeve; dj stickers

Adams, Bryan / Let Me Take You Dancing

rocko; UK; plain black, die-cut sleeve; no inner sleeve

Allman, Duane / An Anthology

gatefold; with thick booklet

Alpert, Herb / Magic Man

rocko; picture sleeve; bent bottom corner

Arpeggio / Love And Desire / Let The Music Play

rocko; Mexico; red disk; pink, custom die-cut, stock sleeve

Band of The Grenadier Guards / National Anthems Of The World

stereo; in stock London label inner sleeve

Barry, Claudja / I Will Follow Him / Work Me Over

rocko; picture sleeve; corner bumps

BearEssense / The Big Hurt

rocko; picture sleeve; front dj stickers

Beasley, Watson / Breakaway

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; dj stickers front

Beck, Jeff / Truth

yellow label; no jacket- just the record

Black Sabbath / Master Of Reality

embossed front; green label; no poster; large ding on top seam

Blues Magoos / Psychedelic Lollipop

stereo; black/red label; clear tape on bottom seam, masking tape on label

Borodin / Polovtsian Dances, Borodin, El Amor Brujo, Falla

mono; in stock lined London label inner sleeve; Eduard Van Beinum, Manuel De Falla, Anthony Collins, The London Philharmonic Orchestra; clear tape on seams

Bowie, David / Diamond Dogs

gatefold; original 1974 pressing with orange labels

Brown, Peter / Crank It Up (Funk Town)

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; no inner sleeve;

Canned Heat / Boogie With Canned Heat

stereo; no jacket- just the records

Carrie Lucas, Carrie / It's Not What You Got (It's How You Use It)

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; "this disc belongs to Alan Bolinder" stamp on label and inside sleeve; creases

Cheech & Chong / Big Bambu

uni-pak gatefold with die-cut slot; includes rolling paper

Cheech & Chong / Los Cochinos

die-cut shaped jacket with custom printed shaped inner sleeve; split top

Conniff, Ray / It's The Talk Of The Town

stereo; 6-eye label; small pen- front

Cooper, Alice / Killer

perforated calendar poster has been removed; green label; in stock Warner Bros. label inner sleeve; edge & ring wear and corner creases

Creedence Clearwater Revival / Creedence Gold

die-cut multi-flap jacket; promotional; small tear on one flap

Crow / Crow By Crow

pen- front & label

Curtie and The Boombox / Black Kisses (Never Make You Blue)

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; promo sticker; mild ring-wear

Dash, Sarah / Lucky Tonight

rocko; purple/blue liquid dye; stock sleeve; promo sleeve sticker

Davis, John & The Monster Orchestra / Love Magic

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; marker writing

Dejean, Debra / Are You Lovin Somebody / You've Really Got A Hold On Me

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; promo stamp; many little scratches, especially on side 1; marker writing, creases

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends / To Bonnie From Delaney

gatefold; TCH in matrix; in stock Atco label inner sleeve

Depeche Mode / Strangelove

in die-cut stock Sire label sleeve

Doors / Greatest Hits

custom printed inner sleeve; 1980s red label; SP in matrix; small pen- front; warped but plays fine on my turntable

Doors / The Doors

South Korean pressing; no jacket- just the record

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show / Doctor Hook

with lyric insert; stains and wrinkles

Eurythmics / Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

rocko; picture sleeve; back has wear on the top and bottom

Eurythmics / Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; promo sticker

Faith, Percy / Shangri-La!

stereo; 360 Sound in black ink on label; pen- black

Flack, Roberta / First Take

in stock Atlantic label inner sleeve; in shrink wrap; corner ding

Fleetwood Mac / Rumours

British pressing; with insert included; tear at jacket opening; crease on front

Flirtations / Earthquake

rocko; picture sleeve; odd streak down side B; moderate ring-wear

Foxy / Party Boys

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; dj front stickers

Franklin, Aretha / Young, Gifted And Black

RI in matrix; nice repair job with clear tape on seams

Galli-Curci / The Art Of Galli-Curci

mono; sticker- front; small pen- back

Gilles, Samantha / Let Me Feel It (Remix)

rocko; Belgium; picture sleeve; "remix" sticker

Godley & Creme / Cry (Extended Remix)

rocko; picture sleeve; small corner bump and crease

Golden Earring / Moontan

in stock MCA label inner sleeve; tear on front

Grand Funk Railroad / E Pluribus Funk

round-shaped metallic-silver jacket; no insert; custom labels

Grass Roots / Their 16 Greatest Hits

in stock Dunhill label inner sleeve; small top split

Griffin, Peter / Step By Step

rocko; plain white, die-cut sleeve; dj stickers

Hananas / From Here To Eternity

rocko; Italy; plain white, die-cut sleeve; seam split

Heyden, Sean / Party Boy

rocko; German; picture sleeve; creases

Heyden, Sean / Party Boy

rocko; Canada; picture sleeve

Humble Pie / Performance Rockin' The Fillmore

gatefold; custom labels; "Rollin' Stone" mis-credited to Chester Burnett on the label; ring wear

India Crossin' / India Crossin'

rocko; Italian pressing; no picture sleeve- in black die-cut 'maxi single' sleeve; stickers on sleeve

Isley Brothers / Go For Your Guns

max; black folding picture sleeve; record has a sticker on side A; front of sleeve has two stickers on top of each other; minor dents on the lower mouth edge of the sleeve; large patches of wear on front and back; inch long gouge in top left corner; wear on the spine including a three quarter inch long patch of exposed cardboard; minor record outlines on both sides of the sleeve; some cardboard exposed on corners

Ives, Charles / New Music Of Charles Ives (Seventeen First Recordings For Solo Voice, Chorus And Chamber Orchestra)

Gregg Smith Singers, Columbia Chamber Ensemble, Gregg Smith; library stickers and tears on jacket and label

Jackson, Michael / Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

rocko; plain black, die-cut sleeve; moderate top ring-wear

Jacobs, Debbie featuring Jolo / In The Heat Of The Night

rocko; UK; die-cut, stock sleeve; moderate ring-wear

James, Tommy & The Shondells / Mony Mony

uni-pak gatefold; custom sticker- front; pen on sticker; tear and pen on on label

Jefferson Airplane / Surrealistic Pillow

stereo; 1960s Nipper label; price tag tear- front; pen- back; clear tape on seams

Jefferson Airplane / The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane

textured gatefold; custom printed inner sleeve & labels

Joel, Billy / Piano Man

textured jacket; custom printed inner sleeve

John, Elton / Honky Chateau

envelop-style gatefold jacket with tab; textured photo attached on front

Joy, Ann / Love Now Hurt Later

rocko; picture sleeve; front dj stickers, creases

Juluka / Fever

rocko; picture sleeve; bent bottom corner

Kansas / Song For America

custom printed inner sleeve

Kat Mandu / The Break (Remix)

rocko; Canada; stock, die-cut, dr sleeve

Kazino / Around My Dream

rocko; plain black, die-cut sleeve; promo stamp; no inner sleeve; heavy crud and marks on side 2, side 1 vg+; creases and ring-wear

Kinks / Greatest Hits!

mono; tear on label

Klein & M.B.O. / Dirty Talk

rocko; Netherlands; stock, front die-cut sleeve; various, minor, creases and marks

Kool & The Gang / Cherish (Remix)

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve

Laid Back / One Life / It's The Way You Do It

rocko; picture sleeve; no inner sleeve

Larsen, Kim and Jungledreams / Time Bomb / Rock N Roll City

rocko; Canada Emerald International sleeve; no inner sleeve; creases and bent corner

Lateef, Yusef / Blues For The Orient

gatefold; bottom inch of jacket removed- stains

Lawrence, Steve / Academy Award Losers

stereo; 360 Sound in black ink on label; address label- front

Lehman, Michael Orchestra / Waltz Time In Vienna

mono; Hollywood Records jacket with Variety Records label; clear tape on spine; top split

Lewis, Huey & The News / The Power Of Love

rocko; plain black, die-cut sleeve; shrinkwrap promo sticker

Lime / Your Love

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; promo sticker; numerous little scratches

Lipps, Inc. / Designer Music (Exclusive Remix)

rocko; picture sleeve; seam split

Lipps, Inc. / Pucker Up

rocko; picture sleeve; custom, lyric, inner sleeve; most scratches on side 2

Madness / One Step Beyond...

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; promo; bottom corner bends

Manchester, Melissa / You Should Hear How She Talks About You (Special Extended Version)

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; promo banner on bottom; creasing, corner bend

MC5 / High Time

gatefold; PR in matrix; in stock Atlantic label inner sleeve; notch cut

Men Without Hats / The Safety Dance (Extended 'Club Mix')

rocko; UK; picture sleeve; sleeve back is very dirty on the sides

Michael, George / I Want Your Sex

picture sleeve; splits, edge wear and creases; DJ stickers on sleeve and label

Mills, Stephanie / Bit By Bit (Theme From "Fletch")

rocko; full-color picture sleeve; corner bend; in shrink wrap; stickers on wrap

Mint Tattoo / Mint Tattoo

no jacket- just the record

Monroe, Vaughn / His Greatest Hits

stereo; in stock Dot label inner sleeve

Motion / Make My Feet Wanna Dance

rocko; Netherlands; stock, front die-cut sleeve; rough bottom corner bend

Motion / Make My Feet Wanna Dance

rocko; Netherlands; stock, front die-cut sleeve; a few minor sleeve scuffs

Neely, Sam / Loving You Just Crossed My Mind

red label; large Capitol Records hole punch

Now Generation / The Now Generation

Jimmy Buffett's first album; clear tape on seams

Oakey, Philip & Giorgio Moroder / Good-Bye Bad Times

rocko; picture sleeve; moderate ring-wear

Obsession / Obsession

still sealed; from first pressing of 130 copies; Minnesota

Outsiders / Happening 'Live!'

stereo; pen on jacket; clear tape on bottom seam; tear on label

Palmer, Robert / Looking For Clues

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; moderate ring-wear

Parker, Dennis / Like An Eagle / New York By Night

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; single sided; corner bend, top crease

Peppermint / Light A Light (Remix)

rocko; German; plain white, die cut sleeve; dj stickers, ring-wear

Plastic Mode / Baja Imperial

rocko; Italian pressing; no picture sleeve- in plain black die-cut "maxi-single" sleeve; stickers on label and sleeve

Playback / Space Invaders

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; limited; most scratches on side 2

Procol Harum / Broken Barricades

die-cut uni-pak gatefold; brown label

Puccini / Puccini's Greatest Hits

360 Sound in white on label; Andre Kostelanetz / Columbia Symphony Orchestra; library stickers and rsidue

Raes / A Little Lovin' (Keeps The Doctor Away)

rocko; Canada; plain, white die-cut sleeve

Regime / U.G.L.Y.

still sealed; Minnesota

Rey, Johnny and The Reaction / This Modern Age

still sealed; five songs; Minnesota

Robotnick, Alexander / Problmes D'Amour

rocko; Italian pressing; oversized labels

Rodriguez, Antonia / La Bamba

rocko; Canada; plain, white, die-cut sleeve

Rolling Stones / Exile On Main St.

uni-pak gatefold; custom printed inner sleeves; no postcards; RI in matrix

Rolling Stones / Sticky Fingers

with zipper; no custom printed inner sleeve; RI in matrix; some creases at top of jacket

Roxette / Dangerous

in stock EMI label sleeve; stickers

Rushen, Patrice / Forget Me Nots

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; corner crease

Savoy Brown / A Step Further

gatefold; in stock London label inner sleeve

Savoy Brown / Hellbound Train

gatefold; in stock London label inner sleeve

Seger, Bob / Against The Wind

custom printed inner sleeve

Shannon / Let The Music Play

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve

Shelley, Pete / Homosapien

rocko; UK; picture sleeve; no inner sleeve; little rips over front cover

Skipworth & Turner / Thinking About Your Love

rocko; UK; picture sleeve; no inner sleeve; side 2 label water damage; creases

Sly & The Family Stone / There's A Riot Goin' On

gatefold; yellow label; with insert

Soft Machine / The Soft Machine

die-cut gatefold with spinning wheel; small pen & wear- front

Sorensen, Jacki / Aerobic Dancing

clear tape top seam; split on bottom

Soundtrack / Goldfinger

mono; John Barry; rough spine

Sovine, Red / "Giddy-Up-Go"

rough top; small stains

Starflight / Dancer

rocko; Belgium; in stock, die-cut sleeve; bottom corner bend

Stevens, Susan / Boogie Walk

rocko; Netherlands; picture sleeve; small but intense top ring-wear, corner bend

Stone, Sly / High On You

max; white picture sleeve; side A has some pen on it; side B has two stickers on it; back of sleeve has pen on it; front of sleeve has a sticker in the upper right corner; heavy wear/ staining on both sides; nine inch long tear from upper right corner inward; five inch long tear on sleeve spine; back of sleeve has deep gouges made with a pen; heavy record outline on both sides of sleeve; all cardboard exposed on bottom edge of sleeve

Summer, Donna / Hot Stuff

rocko; plain white, die-cut sleeve; single sided; dirty with a few scratches; marker writing

Summer, Donna / On The Radio: Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2

no poster; 56 on label= Pitman pressing; in shrink wrap; custom sticker on wrap

Taylor, Sam / Misty Mood

mono; heavy stains; fully split seams

Tchaikovsky / The World's Favorite Concertos: Tchaikovsky And Mendelssohn Violin Concertos

Jascha Heifetz, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Temptations / Greatest Hits

stereo; wedge label; clear tape on seams; edge wear; pen- black

Temptations / Psychedelic Shack

edge wear; clear tape on spine

Tin Tin / Kiss Me

rocko; picture sleeve; front dj stickers

Turner,Tina / We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) - Extended Mix

rocko; UK; picture sleeve; no inner sleeve; side 2 label has light water damage

Uriah Heep / Look At Yourself

die-cut jacket with mirror; red labels

Uriah Heep / The Magician's Birthday

gatefold; lyric insert (with fold creases)

Various Artists / Big Hits Of Mid-America Volume Two

no jacket- just the record; Minnesota

Various Artists / Buddah's 360 Degree Dial-A-Hit

gatefold with die-cut spinning wheel; drill hole; top wear

Various Artists / Listening In Depth: An Introduction To Columbia Stereophonic Sound

LP & jacket only- no box or booket; 6-eye label; stains- front

Various Artists / Volume 5 Program 8

rocko; record one only- sides A & B INCLUDED; stickers on labels

Vega, Tata / Get It Up For Love / I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; corner bend and creases

Waterfront Home / Take A Chance (On Me)

rocko; plain black, die-cut sleeve; moderate ring-wear

Wells, Cory / Touch Me

custom printed inner sleeve; tear and repair at jacket openig

Who / Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy

gatefold; in stock Decca label inner sleeve

Williams, Andy / The Andy Williams Christmas Album

stereo; 360 sound in black ink on label

Williams, Jessica / The Simon Orchestra / (They Call Me The) Queen Of Fools

rocko; UK; stock, die-cut sleeve; dj front stickers

Wind / Born To Be Alive / Luxury

rocko; Italian pressing; picture sleeve; white tape over spine

Wishbone Ash / Just Testing

custom printed inner sleeve; notch cut

Witch Queen / Bang A Gong

rocko; stock, die-cut sleeve; streaks noteworthy on side 2

Yazoo / Sunfire / Don't Go / Shake Your Body

rocko; original promo sleeve; ring-wear, stickers


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